A Very Special Thanks For All Your Support
Over The Years!

Well the day has finally come.  After 18 wonderful years, we deeply regret to tell you that we have come to the end of the road.  We will not have another Fox Family Bluegrass Festival.  Believe me when I tell you that this was not an easy decision.  We put our hearts and souls into this event.   It  had been such a huge part of our lives, but to use the cliche', all good things must come to an end.
There are so many people to thank for all that they contributed to this festival.  If it wasn't for them, we certainly would not have been able to pull it off.  A very special thanks goes out to the following people for donating their time (if we've inadvertently left anyone off this list, we sincerely apologize):

Micky Bagley
Marsha, Dick, Sarah, Danielle and Matt Barkley
Nick Barr
Karen Beck
Cindy Beckley
Howard Bonner
Bob Card
The Central Adirondack Association
Kristen Corbett
Martha Denio
Mary Doub
Phil Freese
Valerie Gaudin
Beth Graydon
Bob Hall
Lisa & Phil Husted
Chip Keifer
Ann & Bill Kline
Bill & Marion Kleine
Bill Knowlton
Teddy  Lindgren
Melissa McDonald
Cheri & Kevin McEntee
Paul Mills
Karen & Vinny Nastasi
Briana Payne
Mark Pepper
Eric Pettis
Phil Pittenger
Brian Powley
Jonathan Russell
Dee Skellington
Joe Spilka
Nadene, Matt, McKenzie & Dillon Trombley
Steve Uzdavinas & the McCauley Mountain Crew
Bob & Donna Walter
Betty & Marv Warren
Paula & Tom Yanis
Helen Zyma

Over the years, each of the people listed above contributed significantly to this event.  Whether it was working at the gate or flipping hamburgers or making sure that the show stayed on time, they were always there, ready to pitch in.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you for your dedication and for helping to create this wonderful musical experience.
To all the business owners who helped to sponsor this show...  thank you so much for everything.  You helped more than you'll ever know.  It's a big job to get an event like this off the ground and your contribution is a huge part of its success.
To Al and Izzie Worthen.... what can we say?!?  We thank you for the love and support that you've shown this festival over the past few years.  We know that it was just as hard for you to give this up as it was for us.  Thanks for believing in the festival and for believing in our band.  We wish you both nothing but the best.
To the bands.... thanks so much for sharing your talent with the people of upstate New York.  You'll never know what a huge impact you've made on our little hometown.
To all of the members of the Fox Family, we thank each and every one of you for all that you've done.  We've certainly been on a crazy ride over the past 18 years (some scarier than others) and we appreciate you hanging in there with us.  Dad, Erin, Missy, Rob, Julie, Jamie, Jay and all the nieces and nephews, we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Finally, thank you to all the festival-goers.  You have not only become a part of the family, you have helped to define the term.  Your support, camaraderie, and love for bluegrass music have not gone unnoticed.  We can never thank you enough for hanging in there with us even when it was pouring down rain, or the power went out, or the high for the day was 35 degrees!  Each and every year, you came back with smiles on your faces, ready for anything and sat in your chairs on that hill to soak in the sounds of some of the best music that  the Adirondack Mountains will ever hear.  There will never be a festival quite like this one.  It's not something that can be recreated.  We thank you, we love you and we'll miss you this August.

  Kim, Barb, & Joel Fox
        3 Fox Drive

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Bill Knowlton, host of
The Bluegrass Ramble
WCNY Syracuse, NY
(click on Bill's Photo for his thoughts) January 6th 2008

IBMA 2005 photo by Al Worthen