The 2nd Annual Mid-Winter Benefit Concert
The second annual Mid-Winter Fox Family Festival Benefit Concert was held on February 18th at the Strand Theatre in Old Forge, New York.  Three regional groups, The Lost Boys, Off The Wall, and Stump Hollow, all gave it their best to give us a most enjoyable evening.  Dee Skellington from WSCP radio served as hostess and the emcee for the night.
     The high point of the evening was a very special presentation by Kim Fox who appeared via the miracle of modern technology to present through her spokesperson, Carl Stump, Fox Family Festival lifetime passes to Pat & Gloria Parsnow!  The Parsnows are an institution at the Fox Family Festival.  They have attended every year and are representative of the kind of folks that keep the Bluegrass tradition alive and healthy!
We want to thank all who were in attendance on a subzero Adirondack night for supporting this event and helping us to insure the success of the Fox Family Bluegrass Festival scheduled for August 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 2006!
The Pre-Concert Dinner at the Old Forge Library
Bob Card, co-owner of
the Strand Theatre
Dee Skellington, emcee
Our Technical
Crew! Carl & Jim
Bev "Minni Pearl"
Meeker & Izzie
Our Guest Of Honor -- Pat Parsnow!
Stump Hollow
Off The Wall
The Lost Boys
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